Professor Heiman's research group focuses on several challenging and technologically important areas:


►   Topological Insulators (BiTeSe, SnTe)

►   Heusler magnetic semiconductors (Mn2CoAl)

►   Spintronic materials and devices

►   Resistive switching in oxides

►   Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) crystal growth


The group's experimental tools include MBE apparatus, magnetotransport and magneto-optics up to 14 tesla, SEM, SQUID magnetometer, etc..


Text Box: Department of Physics

Birth of Nanoscience

In Richard Feynman΄s 1959 address

to the American Physical Society

"There΄s Plenty of Room at the Bottom"


He envisioned and challenged listeners,

* "sequence the bases in the DNA"

* computers with wires "10 to 100 atoms in diameter"

* a microscope that could "see the individual atoms"

* "systems involving the quantized energy levels"

or the "interactions of quantized spins"



Michelle Jamer (Ph.D. Candidate ) has been awarded the prestigious 2015 Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship Award from International Centre for Diffraction Data.


New NSF Grant - see NU College of Science website

Revolutionizing Magnetic Electronics without Magnetism